Martin and Paul Ultra Clear Linseed Oil


Introducing a new generation of oil painting linseed medium.

After extensive research Martin and Paul has developed an all natural Ultra Clear linseed oil that dries clearer, faster, and will yellow less. It’s superior brushing capabilities, very low odour, and superior mixing capabilities provides artists with a clean, fast, and safe alternative to conventional linseed oils.

Oil painters using traditional mediums, such as linseed oil, have been bound by slow drying times and yellowing of white paint during drying. After extensive research, Martin and Paul has solved this dilemma to produce a clean, fast, all natural, and safe alternative that achieves exceptional results.
Developed through a partnership with Prairie Tides Chemicals and Hues Art Supply in conjunction with University of Saskatchewan, Martin and Paul Ultra Clear Linseed Oil is similar in appearance to traditional walnut oil, but has virtually no tinting effect when mixed with paint.

Practical tests carried out across Canada showed Martin and Paul Ultra Clear Linseed Oil exceeded expectations with significantly reduced drying times, excellent mixing, application, and tinting. Compared to traditional linseed and walnut oil, Martin and Paul Ultra Clear linseed oil consistently out performs all other brands.

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