Martin and Paul Ultra Clear Linseed Oil
Martin & Paul Ultra Clear Linseed Oil

About Martin & Paul

Martin & Paul Ultra Clear Linseed Oil is born out of research into the chemistry of flax by University of Saskatchewan (U of S) plant scientist Martin Reaney. It has led to a new patented technology—a flax-based artist quality oil that does not cause yellowing over time, dries quickly, and has significantly reduced odour.

Reaney, who already had seven world patents and 25 U.S. patents over his career, obtained additional patents for the process of isolating peptides from flax seed oil (also known as linseed oil).

“We were isolating the peptides for the purposes of developing health and other products but in getting the peptides out, we realized we had made a non-yellowing oil and it was a linseed seed oil that did not release sulfurous odours,” said Reaney.

To test whether peptide-free flax oil could be used as a new high-quality paint medium, Reaney teamed up with Paul Trottier of Hues Art Supply.

The partnership demonstrated that indeed the oil met the tests for a marketable linseed oil, including no discoloring or fading, storage stability, rapid drying, resilience, and quick mixing.

Then the real testing began. Dozens artists tested the new oil and responded with rave reviews.

Martin & Paul (named after two Martins and two Pauls involved in the production team), was indeed an all-natural ultra-clear linseed oil that dries clearer and faster, without the yellowing and fumes associated with previous oil-based paint.

This new oil outperforms traditional linseed and walnut oils, and is a huge win for the artists who can now comfortably pursue their passion.

“For centuries, scientists, painters and paint companies have attempted to develop non-yellowing flaxseed oil paint that doesn’t give off a sulphur smell,” said Paul Trottier, artist and Hues Art Supply owner, noting that the strong odor has made it difficult for groups of oil painters to work together in a classroom. “We anticipate our new Canadian product will spark renewed interest in oil-based art.”

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